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Principle Of Ionization Type Smoke Detector

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The principle of ionization type smoke detectors is as shown above. Alpha radiation from the Americium-241 foil increases the ability of air to conduct electricity and thus ionizes the air through Chamber A and B allowing an electrical current flow. In normal operation or when the electrical current flow in Chamber A and B is constant, the electrical potential of S Point is kept balanced. When some particles enter Chambers, alpha radiation is partly absorbed by the smoke particles and consequently the electrical current flow in the Chambers drops , the electrical potential of Point S is unbalanced. This is detected by the detector's electronic circuitry to activate an alarm horn or buzzer.

Detector Technology Limited supply foils in three configurations:

  • As individual foils.
  • Foils mounted into a holder, This is referred to as an assembly source.
  • Complete chambers which house the above.