Ionization Chamber, Ionisation Chamber, Ion Chamber

Detector Technology Limited representing nuclitec GmbH, Germany, for their Isotrak and Sources in product ranges including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the South East Asia region

Isotrak™ provides high quality calibration sources for nuclear medicine and radiation instrument calibration.

Main applications include:

 Positron emission tomography

 Single photon emission computed tomography

 Gamma camera checking

 Sentinel lymph node diagnostics

 Health physics

 Environmental monitoring

 Education and training

Reference sources and solutions, manufactured in DKD and UKAS accredited laboratories in Germany and the United Kingdom, are fully traceable to NIST , NPL , PTB , LNHB and other national physics laboratories

nuclitec radioactive radiation sources are manufactured according to international standards. The isotopes used are of highest purity. Our source capsules and fabrication technology are state of the art. Most of our radiation sources are special form approved. Special sources can be manufactured according to customer specifications. The industrial Sources programme has been developed in cooperation with our key customers.

Specific services offered:

 Mounting of radiation sources into customer holders

 Mounting of radiation sources into shielded containers

 World-wide logistics supporting our global network

 Removal and acceptance of sealed sources and dispositioning in an environmentally friendly fashion